What tools do you need to smoke a cigar?

Among the must-haves for any cigar aficionado, we recommend investing in quality: 

  • Cigar cutters 
  • Cigar lighters 
  • Ashtray 
  • Cigar case 
  • Cigar draw enhancer 

What is a draw enhancer?

A draw enhancer is a must-have cigar tool for any collector. A cigar draw enhancer is a small, thin spike designed to pierce a tightly compacted cigar before lighting it to improve the airflow through a cigar and enhance the draw by creating an even burn. 

What does a cigar punch do?

A cigar punch works to create a cylindrical cut in the cap on the cigar as an alternative to a traditional cigar cutter. If done correctly, this allows for the most even burn of a cigar, a smaller amount of smoke and therefore, the most even flavor. 

Do I need a cigar cutter?

We recommend investing in a quality cigar cutter to allow for an even and proper cut of your cigar, and therefore, a perfect burn. Though it’s not technically a requirement of smoking a cigar, investing in a quality cigar cutter will dramatically improve your cigar smoking experience. 

How does a cigar rest work?

Cigar rests work by holding your lit cigar when you’re not actively smoking it. By balancing your lit cigar on the rest, you’ll keep your cigar off dirty surfaces and maintain an even burn. 

Do I need a cigar ashtray?

Adding to the cigar smoking experience, cigar ashtrays allow you to rest your cigar and contain the ashes in the tray. Though they’re not an absolute requirement when smoking a cigar, they aid in creating the high-quality experience you deserve when smoking top-quality cigars.