How to use a torch lighter.

Recently I was at a BBQ with friends and family, as always, I brought a travel humidor full of some good cigars along with my accessories.

As my friends grab cigars I silently watched as they cut their cigar and used the torch lighter to light up their cigars.

At this moment I had to act. I quickly realized some do not understand the proper use of lighting your cigar using a torch lighter.

Therefore, in this blog we give you a better understanding of the proper way to use a torch cigar lighter for lighting your cigars.

The purpose of a torch lighter is to provide a hot and even flame to the foot or bottom of your cigar.

Torch lighters produces a high volume of heat that is intended to toast the foot of your cigar prior to you drawing on the cigar with the flame on it.

How to use a torch lighter

First after you cut your cigar you want to pull on the cigar to make sure you have an even and open draw.

Second when using a torch lighter you want to keep the highest point of the flame on the foot of the cigar.

You are toasting the foot of the cigar allowing the whole circumference of the cigar to become hot.

Proper Torch Lighter Use.

To accomplish this try rolling the cigar right to left while keeping the flame stationary.

Another way is moving the flame in a circular motion to make sure that the flame is evenly distributed around the whole foot of the cigar.

Once you have toasted the foot of the cigar you then want to put the cigar in your mouth take the flame of the torch lighter couple inches away from the foot.

Then pull / draw on the cigar while the flame tip is touching the foot of the cigar.

The reason to toast the cigar before you puff on the cigar is because you do not want the cigar to become hot by drawing while the flame is on it. This could cause an uneven burn or the tobacco to taste awful and burn too hot.

You should only need to pull on the cigar with the torch  1-2 times then look at the foot of the cigar to make sure it has an even burn around the whole foot.

If you see some areas that are not lit , toast that area and pull without the flame again and recheck.

This will prevent the cigar from burning unevenly “canoeing.”

What happens it your cigar starts to canoe? Simply use the lighter by placing the tip of the flame where the cigar is canoeing to burn that part of the cigar and draw again, knock off the ash and this should fix your cigars burn.