The Importance of Humidity in a Humidor . What is the right Amount?

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The Importance of Humidity in a Humidor

What is the importance of humidity in a humidor?

Humidity or relative humidity is moisture in the air. Relative humidity inside of a humidor is meant to be 65 to 72% relative humidity.

This is the ideal relative humidity that cigars and tobacco should be stored at.

Keeping the perfect humidity level in your humidor is essential to keeping your cigars in perfect condition.

Too much humidity and your cigars will become soft and difficult to smoke, this is because they are too moist and will burn poorly.

While on the other hand too little humidity and they will dry out and crack, burn to hot, taste awful.

Maintaining the ideal humidity is not as hard as you may think.

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It does however take a bit of effort and knowledge to get there.

This blog post will discuss tips to help you reach the perfect humidity level for your cigar humidor. Keep reading to learn more!


Proper Humidity Levels.

Many of use have heard the 70/70 rule, 70% Humidity 70% Temperature.

While we agree to this rule of thumb, we also agree that these levels are a bit skewed.

First anything above 63% is a good point to store your cigars. They will not crack or burn to hot at this RH level.

Personally, I find anything over 70% Humidity the cigar struggles to stay lit and burn properly.

When smoking cigars, we tend to place them in an ashtray for a couple minutes before proceeding with smoking it and when stored in higher humidity levels the cigar tends to go out.

This is why we feel 65-69% is the ideal relative humidity level inside any humidor.

Cigars are typically made out of three sets of tobacco, the binder the filler and the wrapper.

When stored in the proper relative humidity these three sets of tobacco marry together giving the cigar the proper flavor it was intended to thus the three tobaccos marry into one wonderfully tasting cigar.

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