Cigar Humidor with digital hygrometer

Clean and elegant was our theme this year, at Cigar Star were known for superior quality, unique and stylish humidors, as well as using exotic woods and crafty inlays. With the Nobel 50 Cigar Humidor we have come up with a simple and elegant design in this humidor. Made using a Rich natural Zebra wood with an external hygrometer and counter weight Silver plated lid lifter. Mirror gloss finish on the outside & kiln dried Spanish cedar on the interior.

Cigar Star Humidors are essential for keeping your cigars at their best! They are designed to perfectly replicate the tropical paradise in which the most exquisite cigars are grown, fermented and rolled.

This humidor is surrounded by premium quality kiln dried Spanish cedar. This superbly crafted humidor and lid are a perfect match that forms a tight seal to maintain a constant and hassle-free 70% humidity level.

This is a beautiful Zebra wood cigar humidor with Spanish cedar inlay inside and a beautiful mirror, multi-lacquered high gloss finish on the outside. This humidor will store up to 50 cigars. This humidor now has a digital hygrometer placed on the outside top of the lid to allow too easy reading and is simple to maintain a perfect humidity level to keep your cigars fresh.

The Nobel 50 Cigar Zebra wood with exterior digital hygrometer Humidor Features:

◾Hand crafted with beautiful natural Zebra Wood exterior.
◾Hi gloss mirror and multiple lacquer finish.
◾Silver plated hinges and hardware.
◾Silver plated counter weight lid lifter.
◾1 Spanish cedar divider.
◾Fully lined with premium kiln dried Spanish cedar.
◾1 transparent brick crystal easy recharge humidifier system.
◾1 easy-read digital hygrometer placed outside on top of the lid.
◾Felt on bottom for scratch resistance.
◾4” in height
◾10.5” length
◾9” in width
◾Top Quality!!
◾Comes with 1 Yr. warranty and instructions on how to activate your cigar humidor.