How To Cut a Cigar with A Cigar Punch

To use a spring-loaded cigar punch, simply depress the top of the punch and a spring will shoot out. Lightly apply pressure to the middle of the cap of the cigar with the cigar punch and rotate the cigar from side to side. Continue to rotate the punch to draw further into the cigar. When you are done, remove the cigar punch from the cigar and depress the punch to remove the cuttings. Then press the button to retract the spring into the punch. Now you have the perfect draw hole.

Are you looking for the most consistent way to get a perfect cut on the cap of your cigar? Do you want to have a clean cigar end for the perfect draw? A cigar punch cutter is your tool. A cigar hole punch is a cylindrical cutting tool that creates a uniform, circular opening at the end of the cigar for smoking. We stock over 12 different cigar punch cutters to make cutting your cigars simple. Our premium cigar punches are sure to be the topic of conversation any time you use it.

Featured in this video is our Black Pearl Edition spring loaded cigar punch. This punch guarantees the perfect cut every time. Pair it with a keychain so you will always have your cigar punch with you everywhere you go!

To learn how to properly use a cigar hole punch, watch the video below. This short 2 min video will show you how to get a perfect draw hole for your cigars.


Using a Cigar Punch

Video Transcription

Hello, today we’re shooting a video on the cigar punch, how to properly use one. This is a spring-loaded punch, it’s our black pearl edition, and it is quite a handy little unit to have. I’m often asked what it is when I pull it out at the golf course or when I have friends over. So I thought it’d be a good idea to do a quick video on this because I myself I prefer cigar punch over a cigar cutter any day. Now this one here is spring-loaded, so it’s pretty much guaranteed the perfect cut every time. I have the key chain loop which you can hold your keys so you’ll never be without one.

This particular model, you just depress the top, and the spring shoots out the actual punch itself. Then when you’re done, you just hit the button, and it retracts. So this model, what I got, is a Cohiba Maduro 5, and what I like to do is just wet the tip a little. This ensures that when you’re punching the cigar that you’re not gonna crack the tip of it. Basically, just push out the punch itself and go ahead and place it in the middle of the tip of the cigar and just go back and forth motion lightly. You don’t want to press hard. The good thing with this punch is it also tells you how far to push it in. See how there’s no more room? So then you just wiggle it out, and there’s your tip. The good thing about this is once you’re done, you just depress the button and there’s your cuttings. So now you have a perfect draw hole. Oh yes, indeed perfect. And you don’t get any of the tobacco or rest of the cap in your mouth. So, this is our black pearl retractable spring-loaded cigar punch. Very handy to have, and it’ll bring about conversations anytime you use it.