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Humidifier Crystals

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Humidifier Crystals are long lasting and perfect for any humidor. Non Toxic, Bio-degradable,
and will hold 200 times there weight in water keeping perfect 70% humidity.

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Humidor beads

Humidor beads / humidifier crystals are a upgrade to add to any cigar humidor humidifier.
Humidifier crystals will make keeping your cigar humidor at 70% humidity easy and hassle free.

You can use any cigar humidifier just take out the standard green sponge and add the humidor beads / crystals.
Most humidor humidifiers are easy to take apart. This makes it easy to remove old beads / humidifier crystals and replace them with fresh ones.

A crystal humidification system was designed to maintain a 70% humidity level, with very little maintenance.

Simply fill the Crystal Humidifier 2/3 of the way with distilled water and 1/3 PG Solution to prevent mold. When you notice the Crystal Humidifier drying up, just add more distilled water and humidor solution.

Check out our video below.

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Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 0.5 cm

1 review for Humidifier Crystals

  1. bglassford (verified owner)

    I opened up some older humidifiers and threw out the foam, and added a few of these. The crystals are more reliable than foam. You can’t go wrong for $5, and I like to have some on hand.

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