Humidifier solution / Humidor solution keep your premium cigars as fresh as possible!

Cigar Humidifier Solution

Humidifier Solution

Our Topical Humidity humidifier solution is the perfect solution. 50% Propylene Glycol 50% distilled water, will fight off mold from forming on your humidifiers and regulate the humidity at a perfect 70% inside your cigar humidor.

This solution actively prevents the formation of mold and bacteria from growing on your humidifiers. Will absorb humidity at humidity levels over 70% and emits humidity at humidity levels below 70%. This way, the humidifier is self-adjusting. It will automatically stabilize the humidity level of your humidor at an optimum level of approximately 70%.

This may take a few days in the beginning,  until the propylene glycol forms a surface layer to optimal humidity level is reached. Once the optimal humidity level of approximately 70% is reached your cigar humidor should remain this way for a number of weeks. After time when your humidity drops, just add more solution.

Use humidifier in all cigar humidifiers to fight mold from forming.

Humidor Humidifier

There are many humidifiers out on the market for your cigar humidors. Old style of humidifiers have sponge based humidifiers. Now you have gel style humidifiers along with crystal humidifiers , which we feel are the best on the market. We include Crystal humidifiers with all our Cigar Star Humidors.

These humidifiers come in all shapes and sizes. From small jars of gel, to large brick humidifiers. We also carry cigar size crystal humidifiers. Being in Canada we know that the winter can be very dry. Humidor solution inside your cigar humidifiers will ensure that your cigar’s age properly and are fresh when you are ready to enjoy them!