Analog vs Digital Hygrometer: What’s The Best for my Cigar Humidor

When choosing a hygrometer for your cigar humidor you may feel that a digital is a better option than an analog hygrometer.

We break down the benefits of both.

Analog VS Digital Hygrometers





Analog hygrometers have been around for decades.

Some have springs on the inside which expand when humidity is detected and retract when there is less humidity.

Analog hygrometer

analog hygrometer

Thus moving the needle and giving you a general idea of the relative humidity inside your cigar humidor.

Did you know,  some analog hygrometers use hair?

Working in the same concept as a spring, although  are more precise than the metal spring inside most analog hygrometers.

They are far more expensive than your standard spring but work in the same concept as the hair that is attached to the needle expands with extra humidity and retracts when humidity dissipates.

Digital Hygrometers

Cigar Star Digital Hygrometer

These type of hygrometers are simple as they will give you a display usually of the relative humidity and the temperature inside your cigar humidor.

Digital hygrometers only need a good battery  and are very low maintenance to operate.

Most people try to keep their humidor at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 70% relative humidity.

One may think this is the sweet spot, depending on the type of cigars you smoke it is a general rule of thumb.

Why? When Temperature over 70 degrees Fahrenheit you run the risk if tobacco beetle eggs are in the filler can hatch and wreak havoc on your cigars.

Now 70% relative humidity is good for cigars from Nicaragua or Dominican Republic or other areas of the world.

Though years of enjoying cigars found Cuban cigars predominantly, should range from 62 to 65% RH.

Why? This allows these cigars to have an even burn at the lower relative humidity levels.

Furthermore, regardless weather you choose an analog or digital hygrometer both will need annual calibration.

Important:  If you choose a digital hygrometer that has the ability to re-calibrate digital hygrometer to ensure that it is reading precisely the relative humidity.

We have several videos on our YouTube channel that will show you how to not only calibrate an analog hygrometer.

This video on how to calibrate your digital hygrometer.

keeping your cigars in the proper relative humidity is key to enjoying your precious collection of cigars.

Make sure your cigars are resting in the perfect environment.