What is the Best Cigar Cutting Tool?

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What is the Best Cigar Cutting Tool?

Today we’re going to discuss the best cutting tools for your cigars.

Cutting your cigars an essential part of the cigar experience. There are many styles of cutters available for cigar smokers.
Choosing the right cigar cutter is a personal preference.

Not to mention one that should be explored In order to find which cutting tool is the best for your personal enjoyment.

First let’s start with the straight guillotine double bladed cigar cutter.
Heavy- duty Xikar ornate cigar cutter by Cigar Star

This cigar cutter provides two cutting blades that allow you to cut the cap of your cigar flawlessly With minimal effort using your index finger and your thumb.

Most prefer this type of cigar cutter, it has been around since cigars and it provides an full open draw from your cigar, which allows more smoke to enter your mouth.

The downside of these cutters can be less experienced cigar smokers tend to cut the cap of the cigar too low causing the cigar to unravel.

cigar cutters
Using this style of cutter will take practice to make perfect.




Another cutting tool is the V cut cigar cutter.

The V Cut Cigar Cutter

V cut cigar cutter







This cutting tool eliminates the possibility of cutting your cigar to low by providing a wedge or V cut on your cigar.

Simply place the cigar into the bowl of the cutter and press down which provides a wedge in the cap of the cigar that provides a medium open draw from your cigar.


V cut cigar cutters





Furthermore, if you don’t prefer either one of these cutters another cutting tool is the cigar punch.

The Punch Cut Cigar Cutter

How to use a cigar punch
A punch cut is a small circular blade that you screw into the cap of the cigar.
Usually about 8 millimeters in diameter which provides a perfect draw hole in the cap of your cigar.

The benefits of a punch cut will be:

It eliminates the risk of cutting the cigar too low and the cigar unraveling.

And provides a stronger more isolated draw for the smoke to be funnel through.

Which will enhance or improve flavor and taste of most cigars.

The one pictured above is spring loaded which makes it easy to master this style of cutting tool.

Finally finding the right cigar cutting tool for yourself will take time.

When you find the proper cigar cutter for your needs you tend to stay with it.

Did you know, different cuts will provide different smoking experience.

Finally not all cutting tools will work with every cigar. Torpedo cigars will need a V cut or Straight cut.