What Makes a Humidor Great?

Cigar Humidor

What makes a great humidor?

A great cigar humidor is one that can effectively regulate and maintain the relative humidity levels and temperature inside the container.

Which ensure that cigars are stored in ideal conditions for preservation and aging.


Some key features that make a great cigar humidor include:

  1. Seal: A tight seal is essential to keep the humidity levels stable and prevent the exchange of air with the outside environment.
  2. Humidity Control: A good cigar humidor should have an accurate and reliable humidification system that allows you to control and maintain the relative humidity level within a range of 62% to 72%.
  3. Material: The best cigar humidors are made from high-quality materials that are both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Common materials include Spanish cedar, Honduran mahogany, and cherry wood.
  4. Aficionado Cigar humidor
  5. Size: The size of the humidor should be appropriate for the number of cigars you wish to store, with enough room for air to circulate around them.
  6. Ventilation: Good ventilation helps to regulate the temperature inside the humidor and prevent mold growth.

cigar star humidor


Did you know that all Cigar Star Humidors come with Spanish cedar airflow racks on the bottom of the humidor?

Its true because understanding cigar storage is an art that we know all to well!


Key to a Great Humidor

  1. Aesthetics: A great cigar humidor should not only perform well but also look great, with a well-crafted design and beautiful finish.

Unique designs is what sets us apart from the average cigar humidor.

Dare to take the challenge and place a Cigar Star humidor next to any other Luxury brand.

Hands down, in our price point we dominate in functionality, quality, and Aesthetics.

Two decades manufacturing cigar humidors shows we know what is needed to store your precious cigars.


In summary, a great cigar humidor should have a tight seal, an accurate and reliable humidification system, be made from high-quality materials, have the appropriate size, have good ventilation, and look great.