Cigar Case In Canada

Be the Envy at any get together with the Cigar Star Travel cigar case. Make that impression last! Compact with class and function. The best thing to happen to cigar travel since…..ever.

Cigar Case


Designed craftsmanship with organization for all your cigar accessories.  Cigar Star truly adds style to your stogies with the ultimate travel humidor 2.0.

Made from genuine embossed leather for superior quality and style inside and out.

Framed in with kiln dried Spanish cedar for ultimate protection of your cigars. Spanish cedar will also aid in moisture control, while providing strong and sturdy protection while on the go.  Did you know that Spanish cedar will help maintain proper humidity for your cigars?  Just toss a Boveda 69 or 72 two way humidity pack inside and your cigars will maintain proper freshness for up to a week.

Have you ever packed your cigars only to find out when you arrived that the wrapper was damaged? Never have this happen again!  This travel humidor not only protects your cigars while on the move, it allows extreme organization.

Did you ever pack your cigars and forget your cigar cutter or lighter? This case solves both issues. Carry everything in one case,  keep your pockets free for change only.


Cigar Case With Function

We carry 3 designs of this case, a black lizard leather embossed cigar case and a unique maroon ostrich leather embossed cigar case.  We guarantee this will be the last travel humidor you will ever need and use! Check out all our travel humidors in our online store, or find our retailers direct link to find a shop near you that carry these cigar cases.