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Have you ever had your cigars Canada dry up over the winter months? Being Canadian we understand that in the winter months humidity outside or in your house can be very low.

Did you know this can affect the inside of your humidor? Why you may ask? Its quite simple.  If you open your humidor when in the winter months and the humidity is very low the humidity inside your humidor get sucked out as soon as the humidor lid it opened. Thus robbing your cigars of the proper humidity.

If you were to leave a cigar outside your humidor for a just a half hour in the winter your cigars Canada would contain no moisture. This will cause the cigar to burn uneven, can cause a harsh tasting cigar.

When you buy a few cigars at your local cigar shop in winter you know that they are placed in a bag to ensure they stay fresh until you can place them inside you cigar humidor.  A great cigar shop will include a Boveda pack to make sure your investment in the cigars stay fresh.

Now as for the winter and your humidor a simple thing you can do is add an extra humidifier over the winter months to ensure your cigars are maintaining the proper humidity inside your humidor.

Cigar Size Humidifiers

cigar humidifiers

A simple but effective way to do this is to add a small cigar size crystal bead humidifier. 

These humidifiers are not only perfect for the winter months inside your cigar humidor. They also make excellent humidifiers for travel with your cigars.

Being a size of a cigar these humidifiers are perfect as they will not take up a great deal of space inside your travel humidor or cigar case.

Another way to add humidity inside your humidor is to add a small shot glass of water.  We do not recommend this way as the shot glass can tip inside the humidor damaging your cigars and humidor.

If you want to add a boost of moisture inside your humidor you can also wipe down the inside of the humidor lid giving a instant boost of humidity inside your humidor over the winter months.