Full-Grain Leather Cigar Case

Are you looking for a Full-grain leather cigar travel case? The difference between full grain and genuine leather is the quality of the leather. Cigar Star cigar Aficionados cigar cases are designed specifically for the cigar smoker looking to carry everything in one tote.


The leather is soft to your touch it comes equipped with four pockets for all your accessories a large pouch with an aluminum removable tray that not only protects your cigars but also allows easy transportation of everything the cigar lover could carry.


Our Leather Cigar travel case come equipped with premium zippers . Contrast colours and attention to detail with our three ply silicone threads add style to your cigar travel be the envy at your next turf when you pull out your cigar aficionados cigar case unzip it and place it on the table displaying all your favorite accessories and cigars.

Full grain leather cigar case

What separates us from all the other cigar cases that you’ll see online and in stores is our price point our prices are in Canadian dollars was still the same high quality that you’ve come to no an expect from Cigar Star.

A place for everything and everything in its place is our motto with our cigar aficionados cigar travel cases .

our cigar cases will accommodate five to six cigars with our aluminum sleeve they are well protected while on the go the outside zipper allows you to carry cash or any other carry on that you’d like to add to keep your pockets empty while traveling. Experience the difference where practicality meet premium quality.

After all your cigar case is not just a cigar case, it should look and feel as good as you do and make an impression, it is an extension of the person that is carrying it.

Show up to your next event with luxury and style without spending extra while having the functionality you need.