Why is your cigar humidor humidity so important?

Cigar Star knows that it is essential to keep your humidity ideal to keep your cigars fresh. A cigar that has been perfectly humidified burns slowly and of course evenly. The slower burn allows you to taste the full range of flavors from your cigar.

A properly humidified cigar will remain cool on your palate allowing you to enjoy more of your favorite stogie.

It is important to calibrate or check on your hygrometer to ensure your cigar humidor humidifier and hygrometer are doing its job.

Analog hygrometers should be tested from time to time with the salt test. Digital hygrometers may require battery replacements from time to time. Always keep an eye on your hygrometer and never let it be out of service for very long.
Some signs that your cigars have become too dry:
• The smoke is harsh, the more you smoke the harsher it is going to become.
• Your cigars feel hard and brittle to your touch.
• Burns quickly and unevenly.

On the other spectrum, some signs that will indicate your cigars have too much humidity are:
• Cigars will seem to swell and cause the outer wrapper of your cigar to break or split.
• Cigar may feel soggy to the touch.
• Too much humidity in your cigar humidor 75% + will make it very hard to smoke your cigar, difficulty staying lit.
• Mould can grow in an excessive humid environment, this will ruin your cigars.
Cigar Star offers an assortment of digital and analog hygrometers, it is common to have both in your humidor to ensure accuracy and for peace of mind that your collection is safe. Every Cigar Star cigar humidor comes with instructions on use and care. Always follow these instructions to enjoy the best care our humidors offer.

The ideal temp. and humidity for your cigars are
65-68 F
65-72% humidity.