Humidor Humidity

What’s your preference on humidor humidity?

I’m pretty flexible. Most like a steady 70%.  I’ll live with anything low to high 60’s, and do feel ~65 is what you want to hover around, +/- a few

This is because I find when cigars are stored at say 70%-75% that they become hard to draw.  Lose the ability to stay lit while at rest. They also burn extra slow.

That said, I use our cigar size crystal humidifier in my travel humidor. It provides great humidor humidity while on the go.

While I don’t keep a hygrometer in there, because it is air tight I know from feel and smoke that the sticks are getting above 70 after 3-4 days on the road in there.

While I prefer the dryer smokes, I do also enjoy those with more moisture.

Curious what you all like?