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Cutting your cigar is not rocket science, although a certain amount of skill and a good cigar cutter is needed to give your cigar a clean even cut.

If you don’t have the appropriate tools for any job you do in life, you may not have the outcome you desire. If you cut your cigar to low your wrapper will unravel and it may be bothersome while you smoke. Let’s start by taking a look at the different cutters in the market:

The Guillotine cigar cutter: Is a single blade cutter designed to cut off the cap. Most of these cigar cutters will cut up to 54 ring cigars.

Pros: These are some of the cheapest cutters you can find.

Cons: You will need to cut your cigar in one quick, strong movement to receive the best results.

The Double Blade cutter: It is the same concept as the guillotine, although with two blades these cigar cutters will provide a more precise cut. You will also need to cut with force, which with double bladed cutters makes the job easier than the standard guillotine cutter.

Pros: You can cut any shape cigar, including shapes like Torpedo.

Cons: Be careful not to cut below the cap or your cigar wrapper will unravel.

The Punch cutter: The punch cutter is my personal favorite. They will cleanly cut a small hole on the head of the cigar. This can limit the size of the hole unless you use the punch cutter a couple of time on your cigar head.

Pros: Minimal skill is required, you will never cut below the wrapper, There for your cigar will never unravel. They are small so you can conveniently carry your punch around using the key ring attachment.

Cons: You cannot use a punch on all cigars. Torpedo’s and Pyramid also known as Figurado.

The Cigar Scissors: Just like any double blade cigar cutter, cigar scissors cut off the cap of the cigar. They are used just like a pair of scissors.

: They have an elegant, sophisticated look, ease of use as most of us have handled scissors in our life time.

Cons: There are bigger and heavier than most cigar cutters, which make them hard to keep on hand when out and about.

The V-Shape cutter: This cutter will cut a V-shape hole on the cap of your cigar. This type of cigar cutter must be made of great quality or else you will just ruin your cigar. Stay away from the cheap version of this cutter and buy a high quality V cigar cutter.

Pros: Will give you more surface area than the punch and works great on most ring gauge cigars. They also prevent from cutting to much off the head of your cigar.

: Because of its design and cutting technique you must ensure that you purchase a good V cutter to ensure you do not ruin your cigars while cutting them. Stay away from cheap V cigar cutters.

The Perfect Cut Cutter: These cutters will have two blades and a back stop to rest the head of your cigar on. This ensures you never cut too much of the head off the cigar.

Pros: Always ensures the perfect depth is cut off your cigar. Never have a cigar wrapper unravel while smoking it.

Cons: You cannot use this cutter with Torpedo or Pyramid size cigars.

While there are many cigar cutter’s on the market. Most will do the job providing the blades of the made of quality stainless steel and are razor sharp. Some companies such as Xikar have a spring mechanism that ensures a clean cut every time.
Cigar Star has a spring loaded cigar punch that ensures the blade is protected while not in use.
See below for a guide on where to cut your cigars.
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