What is your favorite way to cut your cigars?

There are many ways you can cut your cigar finding the one that suits your smoking preference will be done by trial and error.

This will allow you to experience different draws from different ring gauge cigars using different methods of cutting your cigars.

What is the best cigar cutter?

Did you know most people prefer a guillotine style cut of their cigar?

Double guillotine provides even pressure on both ends of your cigar which will allow and even cut on the cap of your cigar.

modern edge cutter







Another cutter that is gained popularity is the deep V cut.

This cut will provide your draw with a similar result as a straight guillotine cut. Furthermore, this type of cutter will prevent you from cutting too much of the cap off your cigar. it allows for extra draw from your cigars.

V style Cutter







Another method is the punch cut.

This will enable you to have to draw harder on a cigar.

Punch cut also prevents you from cutting too much of the cap off and having the cigar unravel as you smoke it. Punch cuts come in large diameters and smaller diameters.

silver cigar punch
Whichever way that you decide to cut your cigar it is a personal preference.

There is no wrong or right way to cut your cigar finding the one that suits you the best can only be done by trying different cuts with different cigars.

Did you know that different methods of cutting your cigar will produce different flavor profiles from the same cigar?

Cigar Star carries an array of cutters in different shapes sizes and styles.

A cigar cutter is not just a cutter it is an extension of one’s personality & style.

Cigar Star has cutters that will allow you the perfect draw from any cigar.