Cigar Humidor 1

Looking for that perfect humidor? With all the selections available, your best bet is to buy & shop at with a large range of cigar humidors online. It is possible to spend time and energy going to a local cigar shop, however, most of the products they sell are also available online. Ordering online is easy, secure,  convenient and the product will be delivered directly to your door with a low flat rate shipping fee.

1. Buying Tips

If this is your first experience to buy & shop cigar star humidors, there are some simple ways to begin your search and narrow down your options. First, you need to decide on the style and size you desire as some products are very simple while others are much more extravagant with intricate inlays and glass work. Next, you need to decide if you would like to personalize your humidor with additional accessories. The possibilities are endless so narrow down your preferences.

2. Price Ranges

Price is going to be a large consideration when you buy & shop humidor store online. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Expensive humidors usually have better quality and workmanship with detailing. However, since the cigar humidor has gained in popularity companies are beginning to offer better quality for better prices. The best way to look at your humidor purchase is an investment. Your cigar collection costs money. If you want to protect that investment you need to purchase a humidor that will preserve your cigars properly, most importantly noting the cigar humidor needs to accommodate the size of your collection.

3. Considering the Manufacturer

One of the most important factors when buying a humidor is the quality of materials used. There are a few necessities to consider when purchasing a humidor online. First, the wood used should be at least ½ inch thick on all sides including the bottom. Another important factor the inside the humidor should be lined with Spanish Cedar. Other types of wood may affect the taste of the cigars. Some woods could eventually taint the flavor. If you don’t choose Spanish cedar, Mahogany will be the close second that you should choose.  The most important factor and the purpose of the humidor is to provide the proper humidity for your cigar collection. The humidor you purchase should provide 70% relative humidity rather easily after seasoning.

 Providing the proper humidity levels assists in keeping the tobacco in its natural state. Your choice of humidor needs to be 100% reliable. If the humidity levels increase, your cigars will become soggy and hard to burn. If the levels drop, your cigars could become brittle and the quality and taste of your investments will suffer. Read the reviews and make sure reliability is a key positive factor.