Cigar Shop Toronto

Cigar Shop Toronto

Looking for the best cigar shop Toronto?  We give you the best place to buy cigars in Toronto.

I have been to many cigar shops in Toronto to buy cigars.

The best place to buy your cigars in Toronto in my opinion is Frank Correnti Cigars Limited. I love this place! By far the best place in Toronto for those cigar aficionados who enjoy fine aged premium Cuban cigars. It’s so refreshing and rare to receive such amazing customer service in this day and age. No existing humidor. Like many shops in Toronto, rather the feel of being at a cigar factory in old world Cuba or a historical museum. 5 Stars all the way!

Another cigar shop Toronto that is a must visit would be Casablanca Tobacconist This cigar shop Toronto has been around for a very long time. This indicates that they are doing things right from the start. It is family owned and operated right downtown . Amazing Selection,  the new location is even more spectacular. They treat you like a gentleman and give wonderful advice not pushing any sales on you unlike other places. New location has even more variety and items. Wonderful, Joyful, and Relaxing experience I’ve had in a cigar store in a long time. Definitely my Go-to store now in downtown Toronto.

Cigars Toronto

Another shop to buy cigars Toronto right down town is B.Sleuth & Statesman Inc. They have a decent selection of cigars the owner is a true BOTL. They carry a huge selection of personal grooming products. You will not be disappointed in the slightest.
This shop is not inexpensive but the quality of the products seems to be superb. Heirloom quality stuff at expected prices. 5 Star Rating




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