Cigar Star Cigar Cases are great for Golfing!!

Cigar Star cigar cases

Cigar Star Cigar Cases

Have you ever grabbed a couple of cigars to go only to find that they were damaged during the travel?

Cigar Star cigar cases are great for traveling with your cigars!

How many times have you wished you had a cigar while out on a golf course?

Or, pulling your cigar from your golf bag only to find it damaged. Making your cigar difficult to enjoy? Cigar Star offers a great selection of travel cases and cigar cases and travel cigar humidors.

They are absolutely perfect for throwing into your golf bag.  A select few of our cases even come with small individual humidifiers so you can leave your cigars in your bag for multiple days.

Some of our travel humidors are solid Spanish cedar which enhance your cigar taste and flavor all while keeping your cigars fresh and safe while on the go!

Are you a sales rep and constantly asked for golf tournament prizes? These cases make wonderful gifts and prizes for nominal costs. Believe us, our Cigar Star cases are a hit a golf tournaments.

We even carry single cigar cases. Both in leather and stainless steel. Both are a perfect solution for the daily cigar lover.

With our online flat rate shipping only $9.95 order as many as you’d like for one fee! Stock up while they last and always have them on hand for travelling, gifts, promos and prizes!