Lead Contents in Weed Humidors

lead testing
With cannabis legal in Canada, we’ve produced humidors for use with cannabis, as requested by Canadian Licensed Producers. Since safety is paramount here at Cigar Star, we pride ourselves on ensuring that the lead contents in our humidors is at an acceptable level in accordance with Canadian safety regulations.

How Humidors Affect Cannabis

Many do not know that even after the flower has been cut from the tree that it will continue to bloom, enhancing the flavor and potency of your Cannabis. Our weed humidors are designed to maintain the ideal humidity around the flower, ensuring that your cannabis will stay fresh over time.

Cigar Star Humidor Lead Content

In Canada, the consumer products safety act has regulations surrounding surface coating materials and their potential lead content in humidors. In accordance with these regulations, you can be confident knowing that Cigar Star Coating tests less than 1 mg of lead in our products.

Humidor Surface Coating Materials

In accordance with Canadian standards, ‘A surface coating material must not contain more than 90 mg/kg total lead when a dried sample is tested in accordance with a method that conforms to good laboratory practices’. Shown below is Cigar Star’s lab test from our supplier for the two part lacquer we use on all our humidors outer finish. Notice we have under 1 mg of Lead that shows after testing, which is well below the 90 mg that any product must be under in order to sell in Canada.

With this, you can rest assured that your safety is our priority, and we remain a leader as humidor producers with being transparent about the safety of our products.

Lead testing