Less Than Perfect cigar Humidors

Here at Cigar Star our quality is of extreme importance to us. Due to the fact that all our cigar humidors are 100% hand made using skilled builders, and processes that ensure you receive the highest quality cigar humidors in the market and inside Canada.

From time to time during the final inspection process we do find abnormalities with material, or craftsmanship. Abnormalities could mean a scuff in the finish or that the wood has an indent or scratch visible on the inside or outside finish. These cigar humidors are then set aside to be repaired or refinished.

Because our quality standard is so high that we discount these humidors in our imperfection area.
They still preform and all our humidors even the imperfections will age your cigars perfectly as the imperfections are cosmetic only.
All of Cigar Stars humidors are tested for perfect seal fits prior to leaving the factory. Humidors that do not have a perfect seal are reworked for proper fit, if they are unable to repair the cigar humidor those humidors are disposed of.

These quality processes ensure that when you our customer receive any cigar humidor with the Cigar Star brand attached to it that it will absolutely have a perfect seal fit and be able to age your cigars for years.
They are a super deal for someone that wants an industry leading quality cigar humidor, at a discounted price.
We promise that if you are looking for a good home for your cigars and don’t mind a small imperfection these humidors are for you!
All these humidors come with 30 day no questions asked return policy.
As we know they will suit your needs and budget.
Very limited Quantities.