Perfect gift for a cigar smoker?

Cigar humidor Ashford Jr

Perfect Gift For A Cigar Smoker?

Searching for the perfect gift for a cigar smoker? Choosing the right one isn’t always easy, but choosing a Cigar Star product is as easy as it gets. We have a wonderful cigar accessory selection in all price ranges. Cigar Star has the always popular cigar humidor gift set. Which is awesome for beginners because it comes with everything they need and the price can’t be beat! We have a wide range of cigar humidors from entry level to serious collector. An amazing selection of Cigar Cutters, punches and ashtrays and our tried and true cigar leather cases and unique travel cigar humidors.

Cigar Star cigar humidors are the most important of all cigar accessories. If the cigar smoker in your life does not have a humidor a Cigar Star cigar humidor would make the ultimate gift.

We always remind those purchasing a humidor that if you are serious about Cigars, your collection can quickly grow so maintenance of your Cigar Star humidor is incredibly important. It’s also very important that you choose a Cigar Star humidor that will house your collection properly, mainly known as Cigar Count, be sure to purchase the right size humidor for your precious collection.

Cigar Star Humidor

Cigar Star Humidors are specialized, hand crafted wooden boxes designed to carefully preserve and age cigars by controlling the humidity levels inside. The most important environment to cigars is humidity. Too much, and the cigars become moldy, burn too cold, and are hard to smoke. Too little, and the cigar dries out, burns too hot, and makes the smoke too bitter.

Quality cigar humidors will be made from Spanish cedar or lined with Spanish cedar. Spanish Cedar is renowned for its ability and characteristics to absorb and retain moisture. Ideal within the humidor. It also adds to the taste and aging process. Other types of linings used are red cedar and Mahogany. It will certainly do the job but Spanish Cedar is top pick for humidor lining. As the lining of Spanish cedar can also enhance the taste of a cigar. Any Cigar Star humidor will make the recipient remember you always!