Boveda Packs

Do you use Boveda packs to maintain proper humidity inside your cigar humidor?  As most of us have tried many options to keep your cigars at the perfect relative humidity levels.  One thing is certain, Boveda packs work!

It is a bit of a mystery how they are able to maintain the proper humidity levels while absorbing excess humidity. One thing remains, Boveda packs work extremely well.

In the coming month Cigar Star will be releasing a couple new humidors to our line up.  These humidors will be equipped with Boveda two way humidity packets.

Why did we decide this? Easy, they are reliable, easy to use, hassle free way to keep the desired humidity inside your cigar humidors.

Boveda packs Holder

Considering that we manufacture luxury hand crafted humidors.  We decided to create our own Boveda pack Spanish cedar holder.

This holder will store two 60 grams Boveda 2-way humidity control packs.

Over the years Cigar Star has consistently evolved. Starting out in 2001 with just the standard floral sponge.  We soon Realized that improvements to humidity control was needed. “not to mention demanded from our customers”

Humidifier Beads

Do you know why that we tested over 30 kinds of humidity control devices? Testing many options we found that humidity crystals/ humidity beads worked very well with a slow release of humidity inside our humidors.

Holding 200 times their weight in water, these humidifier beads work very well.

humidifier beads

Pictured here is our small bag of crystals.  Look at the photo. Check out how much water the tiny little bags of humidifier beads hold.

Over the years we used this type of humidifiers inside all of our humidors. Why? They work!

We still continue to use these humidifiers inside many of our humidors weather they are the small cigar size humidifier. Or our 150 transparent crystal bead humidifier.

Why would we make the switch to a Spanish cedar Boveda pack holder with two 60 gram 69% boveda pack?

2018 teaming up with an industry leading 2 way humidification devise was our commitment to the pursuit of perfection for your cigars.