Have you ever had a cigar rupture or break apart after lighting it?

An Exploding cigar can happen to the best of premium cigars. I have had this happen to  Cohiba cigars, Davidoff cigars to name a couple premium ones. Finding yourself lighting that $50 cigar only to have the foot explode, or rupture can be very disappointing.

Cohiba Cigar Hack






Not to worry we will show you have to fix this situation with a few helpful hints to ensure your premium cigars don’t go to waste.

First lets discuss why this happens to any cigar?

Unfortunately this happens in the winter or early spring as our Canadian climate is not friendly to cigar wrappers.

It could also split or rupture possibly because it was not stored properly. The cigar did not have sufficient moisture. This is why we always recommend a Cigar Star Humidor.  If this is happening to many of your cigars, ensure you have a digital hygrometer and your cigars are being stored between 65-72% humidity.

This issue can also occur because of a vein of the wrapper leaf.

None the less, when this happens it out right sucks when your cigar ruptures, cracks or splits.  Not all is lost, there is hope for a stellar recovery.

Here are a couple tips to save your cigar and have it turn into an enjoyable smoke.

Cigar Hack

  1. Use a butane torch cigar lighter and fire up the outside wrapper where the crack starts.  Slowly turn the cigar around as your burn from the crack to the foot “bottom” of the cigar. This will prevent the cigar from cracking further. This hack also will allow you to enjoy the rest of your cigar.

cigar hack






2. Try blowing through the cigar. This adds moisture to the cigar and can often ensure that the cigar will burn evenly.

3. Do nothing and continue to smoke. If the cigar doesn’t burn anymore, cut the damaged part and light it again.

4. Add some water to the heater where it is running up the crack while to attempt to bring back the cigar to an even burn.

Personally I feel adding flame to the crack and burning off the ruptured part of the cigar is the safest and most effective remedy to this not so uncommon issue.

Do you know of a better way? Please feel free to comment and share what works best for you. Stay Smokey My Friends!