Buying Cigar Humidors

If you love cigars  you plan to keep them handy then you’re going to need a humidor to keep them fresh and aging properly. How do you choose from the thousands of humidors in the market? This is a question asked by millions of cigar lovers. The answers to all your questions are right here.

Where Will You Smoke?

Your first task in buying a humidor is deciding where you plan to use it. A humidor for your mantle or desk is much different than a travel humidor that you pack in your luggage.

What Types of Cigars Are You Storing?

One needs to think about what types of cigars you plan to store / age. Humidors vary considerably depending upon the quality of the cigars stored. A desktop or counter top humidor will work for most cigars collections.  Providing your humidor has key features such as Spanish cedar inside along with a air tight seal. If you plan on storing or aging expensive cigars, you might want to consider a humidor manufacture that has been around for at least a decade. This will show that they manufacture quality products. Cigar Star has been around since 2004 our cigar humidors are guaranteed to keep your investment safe.

Cost Vs. Quality: What Is Most Important to You?

Next, you have to decide where your priorities lie. Do you want something functional and cost-effective or are aesthetics important to you as well? Determine which end of the scale you weigh in at and you can narrow down your choices considerably.

How Many Cigars Do You Plan to Store?

Next, you want to decide how many cigars you plan to store in your humidor. Some humidors can only handle a few cigars, others can store dozens. The larger humidors will allow you to keep hundreds of cigars fresh and ready to smoke.

For example, walk-in humidors or cabinet humidors will allow you to keep hundreds of different cigars fresh and completely organized, while smaller units may make the cigars at the back (or bottom) harder to get to.  Keep in mind your collection will grow and if you plan on storing 30 cigars find a humidor that will store 60 as you never know when you go on holidays and can grab a box of your favorite cigars you want to make sure you have enough room in your humidor to store them.

What Features Do You Want?

You also have to consider the features. Some humidors have digital displays built in to show you the temperature and humidity levels, and even allow you to adjust those factors to your preferred settings. If you are shopping for online humidors, search for units with hygrometers included if you want to measure the internal humidity. Also keep in mind that the humidifier itself is a key feature to ensure that your cigars stay fresh. If a humidor has a sponge base humidifier you will know right away that the cigar humidor itself is poor quality! Only cheap cigar humidors will have a sponge humidifier. The best humidifiers are crystal humidifiers, unless it is a electronic humidifier, which of course are the top of the line in humidifiers. Lastly Spanish cedar should always be used inside your humidor, although mahogany is a substitute that will work.Spanish cedar helps with regulating humidity and will enrich your cigars flavors.

How Important Is the Humidor Seal?

Another thing that you want to look for is how tight the seal is. If you are shopping for online humidors you may have to rely on manufacturer specifications or customer reviews, but if you are shopping at a retail store, check the seal by placing a dollar bill on the lip and then close the lid. If you can pull out your dollar with no resistance then the humidor has a poor seal and you should skip it. All Cigar Star Humidors are tested for proper seals before they leave our facility.

Where Do You like to Shop?

You also need to decide where you prefer to shop. Many people prefer to buy cigar humidors online because of the huge selection and money they save. Also the ability to read customer reviews and manufacturer descriptions,  others prefer to buy humidors in person because they like to handle the humidor before they buy it. You will find Cigar Star humidors in many retail shops in Canada and the USA.

The Bottom Line

Lots of factors to weigh when buying cigar humidors besides cost We hope these tips will help you narrow your choices and choose the perfect one to keep your cigars fresh.

Choose from the massive variety of cigar humidors available with us at Cigar Star to meet your requirements.