Amazing Cigar Humidor Product Photography From One Of Our Customers!

Cigar Humidor Product Photography

Cigar Humidor Product Photography

Throughout the 16 years of manufacturing cigar humidors and cigar accessories, we have met some great customers who now we are happy to call friends. Last year to our surprise, one of our customers in Quebec sent us photos of the cigar humidor they purchased.

They say everyone is a master at their own craft. We love cigars, this is what drives us to make the highest quality cigar humidors on the market to ensure our customers  have the best environment for their premium cigars while resting.

The photos he sent us of his new Limited Edition Traditions Cigar Humidor were outstanding. Considering we did not know or ask for these shows his love of photography. Clearly he is able to show others a different view of a product.

It was creative, and we are proud to share his photos. These photos capture details that product photos lack.  Clearly Telly is a talented,  skilled photographer. If any company looking to have unique product photos we suggest contacting Telly.

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