Boketto humidor


BOKETTO HUMIDOR The handcrafted Boketto humidor is the best cigar humidor! Most superior both in its construction and design. It is not only the natural Canadian Maple laser cut marquetry design on the outside that is so attention-grabbing, likewise its every aspect of this airtight humidor that appeals. This humidor is one...

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cigar humidor 1

Tips To Gift A Cigar Humidor

Cigar Humidor 1 Looking for that perfect humidor? With all the selections available, your best bet is to buy & shop at with a large range of cigar humidors online. It is possible to spend time and energy going to a local cigar shop, however, most of the products they...

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Matt Black Desktop 25 Cigar Humidor

Get The Best Cigar Humidor In Canada

If you have been smoking cigars passionately for a while now, it may be time to get a humidor. Like other cigar accessories, the quality varies a lot. Despite how much you are willing to spend, you can still get a good quality cigar humidor. It ensures that the freshness...

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Cigar Humidor Colossal Royal 350-400 Limited Edition with electronic humidifier.

A good humidor is more than just a box.

HUMIDOR BOX Like a cigar, a well-built humidor enhances many experiences, rewards its owner with keen and lasting memories, and provides him with many pleasures. But a poorly crafted humidor resembles nothing more than a box because at best it serves as a way station for cigars as they travel from...

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Choosing a home for your cigars.

CHOOSING YOUR NEW CIGAR HUMIDOR Choosing the proper home for your cigars should be done with as much care as choosing your own house, for you or your family. For this you will be able to enjoy these wonderfully wrapped creations! After all Don't you want your favorite and prized cigars to...

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Easter Sunday! Oh what a wonderful day!

Easter Sunday, a wonderful day with family and friends. A holiday means pulling out those special stogies that have been sitting in your humidor for a few years and sharing with those that are special to you. Enjoy the sunshine and the memories. Happy Easter Sunday! Know your cigars will...

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2 solid cedar python travel humidor by Cigar Star

Your cigars on the go!

Cigars On the Go! Well with spring just around the corner..... if you are looking for a great cigar travel humidor to carry your cigars in style #CigarStar has many options to choose from. This is our 2 cigar solid cedar python travel humidor. Strong, sturdy and classy, will allow to you...

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