Cigar Humidors

Here at Cigar Star we have over 50 cigar humidors in stock of all colors, finishes and sizes. Cigar Star defiantly has the right humidor for your cigar storing needs. Cigar Humidor accessories such as humidifiers, hygrometers and solutions are always in stock.
If in need of a little extra humidity over the winter months. Or a new larger humidor due to overstock after a trip down south. Cigar Star is the only place in Canada to offer some of the highest quality cigar humidors on the market today!

Design, material, Craftsmanship, we understand that many different people have different tastes that is why we manufacture so many options with our cigar humidors, quality is built in from start to finish, it’s not an option but standard with any Cigar Star Humidor!

5 to 50 Count Humidors

The right size for those starting out or maintaining a humble collection.

These make a great gift for any occasion.