Cigar Shop Ottawa

cigars ottawa

Cigar Shop Ottawa

Looking for the best cigar shop in Ottawa? There are a couple to choose from.

Stopped in a cigar shop in Ottawa, landed at Ottawa Cigar Emporium which was a great experience, helpful staff with a great selection of cigars Ottawa. When it comes to buying cigar accessories, such as cigar cutters or a humidor they have many to choose from. 5 Star cigar shop Ottawa!

Next cigar shop we stopped in was Comerford’s Cigar Store. More of a convenience store selling all the standard  convenience store items. They do carry a good cigar selection of cigars considering. The big issue is they have no walk in humidor, only cabinet humidors with fogged out glass. This is is a problem when you want to browse for a cigar. The lack of Cigar accessories make it a stop to make for a cigar only.  3 Star Rating

Another cigar shop we made our way to while in Ottawa was Maple Leaf Souvenirs & Cigars.  I would suggest that if you are looking for cigars good luck…. You will be hard pressed to find a many cigars in this shop. 2 Star Rating

Cigars Ottawa

With only enough  time to stop in these 3 locations I would hand down put Ottawa Cigar Emporium on your must visit for your cigars. Again the helpful staff were simply outstanding and made me feel at home.

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