Cigar Star Humidity Bead System for your cigar humidor!

Cigar Humidifier

Cigar Star Humidity Bead System

The greatest labor for cigar lovers is maintaining the perfect relative humidity inside your cigar humidor. Cheap materials “Floral sponge” and frustrating fluctuations can be a headache.

Even the most careful guardian of their cigar humidor, and most of the reliable systems out there take practice to learn how to use.

While some humidity systems take a bit of doting, the Humidity Bead System by Cigar Star acts more like a workhorse. Our beads trap moisture, releasing more into a dry storage space and pulling excess out of the air to keep your smokes from drying or feeling wet.

Our newest transparent crystal humidifiers will ensure low maintenance as once you fill them with distilled water you will notice that the crystals expand inside the transparent humidifier.

Once they have released the humidity inside your cigar humidor they become smaller. Once you notice the humidity drop and your beads getting smaller just add distilled water let stand for a couple hours and place it back inside your cigar humidor.

This new humidifier has great reviews from all of our customers. We know you will love Cigar Star’s new crystal humidifiers as they now come standard inside all our Humidors that we manufacture.