Cigar Star humidor humidifier review.


Cigar Star humidor humidifier review

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer we are having. With the warm weather and high humidity levels in the summer months you may find that your humidor is retaining to much humidity or a higher humidity level then you desire. Which will cause your cigar to burn unevenly, or you may have to re-light it a couple of times.

We have received a couple emails regarding the use of our new Cigar Star humidor crystal humidifier system.

The most common issue with our humidifier is that your humidor is holding to much humidity….. This is a simple fix and a good problem to have with any humidor.

All you need to do is remove the humidifier from your humidor and leave the humidor open to allow some of the humidity to escape the humidor. Depending how high it is you can leave it open for about an hour.
Then close the humidor without the humidifier inside, let sit for 1 hr. or so and check the humidity level. If you have many cigars inside your humidor it may be reading your desired humidity as cigars act much like a humidifier as each cigar will hold 1.5 grams of humidity. If you are falling short on your humidity place the humidifier back inside the humidor and check it again in an hour.
When you find that the humidor and humidifier are at the desired humidity level note the size of the crystals and only add enough water to the humidifier to allow the same size they were when your humidity was perfect.
Our Humidifier was designed to keep perfect humidity during the 6 months of winter, with that said in the winter months you may need to add a bit more water to the humidifier to maintain the desired humidity levels inside your cigar humidor.