How Different Lighters Affect Your Cigars

Soft Flame lighter

Soft Flame Lighters

Starting off with a soft flame lighter

To use a soft flame lighter, soft flame meaning a yellow flame as opposed to blue flame it’s a lower temperature burn, and it works beautifully. In our opinion it is the best way to light a premium cigar.

With a cigar the curations of course are that there’s no bad odor, always using a butane gas not and of course with the soft flame you would be indoors away from a draft if you have those ingredients makes a soft flame the top choice,

A split valve lighter which gives you a wider yellow flame to encompass a wider gauge cigar. Now you bring the foot of the cigar just above the tip of the yellow flame there and you’re slowly rotating introducing leaves to their timely end you do not want to rush it.

Soft Flame lighter

This process can be so tantalizing when you’re ready to have a cigar but if you can be patient with this stage, you will be rewarded.

Many people put the cigar in to the mouth and light it, you can do that but then you’re changing the first puff. Taking it slowly you receive the magic first experience of the cigar so be patient do it like this.






Blow on the end of the cigar to see that it’s all uniformly lit. If it is not, take your time.

I tell you the aromas coming from the cigar during this stage are always burnt almond that just on the nose here nothing is going into my mouth yet, so you get a pleasant aroma off just lighting the cigar.

Lighting your cigar with a soft flame may go through quite a lot of gas when you do the ritual this way. Now these days it’s a rare commodity gas so be careful.

Once the cigar has endless glowing on the foot it’s time to taste.

The benefits are that you’re tasting is literally the virgin puff of that cigar because you haven’t used your palate to light it hasn’t been in the mouth.

You haven’t introduced half burnt or poorly combusted flames into your mouth this is in my opinion the perfect introduction to a beautiful cigar and one worthy of a very well made handmade cigar if you start the journey on the right foot we always hope you’ll get to the right destination.

Blue Flame lighters

Blue flame lighters are very popular choice to light your cigar in windy areas.  Also known as Jet lighters.

This type of lighters is perfect on the golf course or in any windy area.

The problem is that some will end up charring the foot of the cigar.  Don’t bring the flame too close to the foot of the cigar like so many people make with the blue flame.

How to use a torch lighter

Either a very wide blue flame or to bring it too close to the cigar and indeed it will Char this will cause the  cigar to burn unevenly and can also change the taste of the cigar.




Much like  a soft flame you want to barely touch the foot of the cigar with the flame and slowly rotate the cigar to make sure that it is fully glowing. You can blow on the foot of the cigar to see where it needs a little more flame.

Then you puff on the cigar once it is fully glowing.

This gives the cigar a true puff without introducing any heat or fuel into the cigar.