Gifting Smiles: The Perfect Presents for Cigar Lovers Gift

The Perfect Presents for Cigar Lovers

Have you ever wondered what to gift to the cigar lover in your life?  Cigars are a good start although once they smoke those cigars the gift is forgotten.   How about a leather cigar case, cigar humidor or cutter. These are timeless pieces that will be around for decades. With the memory of who gave them that special gift.

Cigar Star offers many unique humidors that will create smiles each day they grab their favorite cigar. Not to mention last for decades in have a classical and elegant look as part of your décor.

Aficionado Cigar humidor









A luxury leather cigar case allows your loved one to carry all his essentials in one convenient location our full grain leather cigar cases only get better with age with patina an perfect functionality for the cigar lover.









One can also pick up three finger cigars with a built in single guillotine cigar cutter. options include black leather, brown leather, and an ostrich style burgundy leather, all with a single blade cigar cutter that slides conveniently into the case. these are perfect for a night out.

travel cigar case









Cigar cutters are a timeless functional piece that will provide and even in hassle free cut to each and every cigar that special someone uses to cut their cigars. Having so many styles and different variations you can’t go wrong with a V cut straight cut or punch cut cigar cutter.


modern edge cutter









Another useful cigar gift for the cigar lover is a cigar rest these are portable rests so your loved one can place their cigar down without placing it on a table it provides perfect functionality when an ashtray is not available.

cigar rest









Furthermore one of our favorite cigar gifts is the perfect draw tool. Any cigar lover will tell you there’s nothing worse than when you have a plug cigar, this tool allows any cigar to create an even draw and prevents one from tossing any cigar early due to a poor or plugged cigar.


perfect draw tool








Ashtrays are also a great gift for the cigar lover, offering different styles that support one cigar two cigars or 4 cigars. there are even options with built-in cigar cutters on the actual ashtrays.

cigar ashtray