Humidors for Cigars, What you need to know.

humidors for cigars

Humidors for Cigars

As I am writing this, I just fired up a brand-new Perla Del Mar Corroto from JC Newman cigars because it is exactly the kind of stick that you would keep in a brand-new humidor.

Cultivating things at home is natural for most people. People like to get a big glass tank and fill it with water and fish.

Where stranger people like to get a smaller glass tank and fill with live ants and sand, those things make lot less sense to me than getting a humidors for cigars and filling it with good cigars.

Cigar Star digital hygrometer humidor

If you are just getting into cigars, you might be working your way into a humidor, maybe if you started smoking cigars you have one or two here and then smoke them as you go.

Or do you just buy a five pack give him out to your friends to enjoy?  If you are making that big leap to keeping a collection on hand, there are some things you should know.


Let us take you through some big tips on your first humidor and things that you can do to get overall best result with them.

Chances are if you are just getting into cigars, you are starting out with the desktop humidor.  Whether it is a wooden one like Cigar Star manufactures, or you are using like Tupperware which is natural, and a lot of people are doing that or using an acrylic jar both options work great.

Tips for Humidors for cigars

The tips I am going to give you today will work for all these different types of humidors.

So, with no further ado let us jump right in my first big tip today. It has to do with dialing in your humidity and this is a huge deal when it comes to setting up your collection of cigars.  Did you know really the whole purpose and intention of a humidor is to contain humidity for your cigars at the end of the day these things are just dead rolled up tobacco leaves.

Having some moisture in these leaves is imperative to getting the flavor out of them if they dry out too much they are going to taste like a bunch of like popcorn.

There’s just not a lot going on in the flavor, if you keep a little more moisture there it allows the cigar to hold onto those oils that actually give you a lot of the flavor so having good humidity in your humidor is imperative it’s like the most important thing.

Some humidors you will not have to worry about setting him up and seasoning them. Such as if you are using a Tupperware or an acrylic jar, those are well set it an forget solutions.

Although if you are using a wooden humidor like the one’s Cigar Star offers you must make sure that the humidity gets up to the level where you want it before you put your collection inside and there’s a couple ways to do that.

One of them is to season it with distilled water and a sponge we have a video on the channel about how to do that.

Another really simple way to go is to use a Boveda 84% seasoning packs. Boveda 84% will deliver way more humidity than you used to maintain your collection just to really bring that humidity level up to where you want it for the wood inside.

Furthermore, one of the things about wooden humidors you must pay close attention to because wood unlike plastic in Tupperware or acrylic.

Wood is porous and it will take in humidity then give it off, actual wood in your humidor will have to contain some humidity.

Dialing in your humidity can be incredibly easy if you use a Boveda packs. It will be a little less worrisome for some humidors, it’s just a process that you have to go through and one of my big parts of this tip be patient and there’s definitely multiple steps to try if it doesn’t get like right.

This is one place where all recommend having a specialist at hand if you have a local cigar shop that you can call an ask your questions too. I know people call Cigar Star all the time with their humidity questions it is something that is so important that it is worth reaching out to get some valuable information on how to get it just right.

Next on our top tips has to do with reading your humidity.

Once you get your humidor all set up and get your cigars inside, they will be in good shape or at least they will for awhile until the humidor starts to run out of wet air and that’s why you want to have a gauge to read exactly where you’re at.

Inside all Cigar Star humidors there are things called hygrometers, well commonly known in the cigar world but I always find myself talking to people with humidor issues who don’t really know this so I want to make sure to put it inside your humidor which will tell you the percentage of humidity that’s in the air in your humidor.


Cigar Star has digital hygrometers, these things like the same way you think about a gas gauge on your car. You can take it to the gas station and fill up the car, if there is no gas gauge you will not know when you’re going to run out again until you’re sitting on the side of the road calling the person that you won’t be to embarrass to tell him that you ran out of gas.

Cigar Star Digital Hygrometer

The same thing goes with your cigar collection you do not want to be embarrassed to open the lid and find that everything dried out because you just did not know so when it comes to tracking your humidity make sure you have got a good hygrometer.

Now if you are getting a wooden humidor there is a solid chance that you want to display it.

That is common for cigar lovers when you’re proud of your collection you want to keep it out where at least you can see it.

Where to Place your Humidors For Cigars

Where you put your humidor in your house is also going to have a huge impact on it.

Especially with smaller desktop humidors that have no internal temperature control so it is basically going to be whatever temperature the room that it’s in.

If your humidor is set up in your house there is a few things to consider, on top of a desk or a dresser or next to your TV are all good places to put it but there are a few things that will impact this beyond just the temperature of the room.

Not putting these by a window is a good deal because ultraviolet rays can be bad for cigars especially if there’s a glass top or your humidors acrylic.

If you can see inside the humidor, you do not want ultraviolet rays getting to your actual cigars.

Also, if it is in direct sunlight that part of your house will be a little warmer than the rest of the room and so you can have your humidor at a higher temperature than the rest of the room.

Another really big thing is your air conditioner in your house spits out dry air nonstop so if this thing is sitting in the path of an air conditioning vent it can actually start to push humidity out of like a wooden humidor and cause you to experience issues with your humidity overall.

Proper Humidity Tricks

Just a few little things to consider as you decide where to put your humidor hopefully you’ve already got the perfect place for it, and I haven’t dashed all your dream is because it’s on your dresser underneath your window.

One thing you want to make sure of is that those cigars taste amazing when you pull him out to light up. Just keep him out of the sun, keep him out of the air conditioning.

This also brings us to proper humidifiers. Humidifiers come in many shapes and sizes; some have foam others have polymer crystal beads. another option that has gained massive popularity is Boveda packs.


Stay away from foam humidifiers they are useless a tend to form mold which can get onto your cigar collection. whereas crystal bead humidifiers absorb water and slowly release it inside your humidor giving your cigars the perfect amount of relative humidity.

Hope these tips and tricks help you in your choice of a new humidor.