Perfect Draw Tool How To Use by Cigar Star

perfect draw tool

Why should you own a perfect draw tool?

Today we put together a quick video on the precision draw tool / perfect draw tool.

There is nothing worse than getting a nice premium cigar, give it that perfect cut.

Take a pull on it to test the draw only to find it’s just not pulling properly.

This is where the perfect draw tool is going to come in very handy.

This tool has five serrated edges on each side.  Noticing with other models that they almost have a large screw at the end, which we found provides too much of a draw and the cigar burns a lot hotter than we liked.

This is when we decided to come up with a version of our own. Finding that this remove is just the right amount of the tobacco, with a slightly smaller draw hole.

Why do we want a smaller draw hole?

A smaller draw hole allows you to enjoy your cigar with out any restriction. It burns slower and more even.

With this precision draw tool, center the tip in the cap of the cigar. Slowly bring it in ¼ inch at a time then slowly pull it out which will bring out some tobacco with it.

Most importantly make sure it is centered, keeping it away from the wrapper.  You don’t want to puncture the wrapper, which could ruin the cigar.

Then you’re going to draw some of the tobacco out, as you do this you want to bring it in about 1/4 of an inch and then pull it back out and then continue this process until you feel like that draw sufficient.

If you find the draw is still not to your liking you can continue all the way down the cigar.

As you continue down the cigar give it a little twist counterclockwise and rotate it back and forth.

Then as you’re slowly bringing it out, you’re going to bring some of that tobacco out with the tool.

Now if you find that it’s plugged all the way down to the very end.

Simply, use it at the foot of the cigar to get the remaining blockage out of the actual cigar.

Again this is a handy tool to have if you have one cigar and you’re able to unplug it essentially pays for itself. Not to mention this tool also comes with a lifetime warranty.