Top Cigar Humidors

Did you know a cigar’s life is indefinite and depends very much on the way it is maintained and looked after.

This is where a humidor comes in . However the purpose of a humidor is not merely practical much like all accessories in the cigar world one’s choice of humidor is an expression of their personality and extension of their aesthetics and lifestyle .

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At the most basic level humidor is an airtight container which may sustain and regulate the adequate temperature and humidity levels. This will ensure that your cigars are resting inside are stored at the optimal conditions.  Such as somewhere between 65% to 70% relative humidity and nothing higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
The most common materials used for humidors is wood specifically Spanish Cedar. Kiln dried Spanish Cedar offers exceptional moisture retaining properties which will provide an excellent resting place for all cigars.

More expensive humidors incorporate higher amounts of Spanish Cedar; however, every Cigar Star humidor will incorporate this material in its inner lining.

Humidor for cigars

Another option which has gained popularity is the humble acrylic humidor not to mention its DIY counterpart the Tupperdor a humidor made from Tupperware.

Furthermore, these solutions can be more cost effective and slightly easier to maintain through the use of small humidifiers as opposed to sponge.

Firstly if you decide to go this route ensure that you use Boveda packs which are a two-way humidification humidifier pack. These lower cost options tend to sweat due to the absence of absorbent Spanish Cedar. Secondly, Lining the bottom of these containers with a thin strip of Cedar or a Spanish cedar flow rack or even a Spanish cedar divider such as those placed as dividers and boxes of cigars will prevent sweating from happening.

Which brings us to the purpose of cigar humidors.

Many cigar smokers enjoy the process and experimentation involved in aging their cigars for extended periods of time, commonly many years. When undertaking in this hobby your humidor becomes essential.

However, a cigar smoker will spend far more time looking at their humidor then they will handling it and fundamentally all humidors function is in the same way as such the aesthetics and visual aspects of the humidor tend to be the deciding factors in choosing a piece.

Cigar Star offers several considerations to inform your final selection.

Such as the style of room in which the humidor will sit whether or not the latter will blend harmoniously with or even complement the aesthetics.

Cigar Humidors

How this style of the humidor you choose will continue with age with time and so on.
Most humidors especially a larger piece will become part of the furniture in which you decide to place it .

Much like all accessories available in the cigar world particularly quality and aesthetics are both equally as important.

Cigar Star offers uniquely designed cigar humidors that appeal to all types of cigar collectors.

20 years manufacturing premium quality cigar humidors with practical price points allow you to have a luxury item that lasts a lifetime.

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