How to choose a good cigar for yourself!

how to choose a good cigar


Do not always assume expensive means good when it comes to cigars. Like everything else you may be paying more for the expensive popular brand name. Everyone’s tastes and opinions will always differ and the industry has done a good job in recent years to offer quality cigars at a great price point.
If you are a beginner cigar smoker or even if you have been smoking cigars for many years, my advice is to try different cigars on a regular basis. This means, various countries, various sizes and specific undertones of particular cigars. Always ask others what smoke they enjoy, but keep in mind your pallet may not be the same.

Keep experimenting with different types of tobacco to see what you really like. Go for the unknown brands because you just never know. It may help you out along the way to keep notes about the cigars you’ve tried. With a handful of notes you may find that you truly like Dominican tobacco with a Cuban wrapper.

My best advice for beginners is don’t go immediately for the powerhouse type cigar! You may end up turning a slight shade of green and a dizzy spell may set in. Start off with smaller ring gauge cigars sizes and general a lighter shade of wrapper leaf as a rule.

Picking the perfect cigar.

Keep the bands off of the cigars you’ve like and even disliked until you have them burned into your memory. Keep the bands with you when you go to the local cigar shop. Ask the shop-worker to recommend something similar or different based on your previous tastes and what they see to be as a popular or quality cigar.

Even the most popular brands have cigar no no’s here and there. Premium cigars are hand-made and like anything else hand-made, cigars will vary from product to product, brand to brand. Always have a close feel of cigar for a firm yet spongy give. Hard or soft spots can be a sign of poor construction which means you may get uneven burn and an bad experience.
Inspect the wrapper leaf for holes and tears. Damage to the wrapper leaf will ensure problems. Don’t be afraid to check out humidity levels at your local cigar shop. If their humidor is not maintained properly, I’d be looking for a new shop!

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