Cigar and Cigars prices in Canada. Most people know that cigars in Canada are over priced.  Compared to our big brother in the United States the prices can be over double.  Although, in the United States they are unable to purchase some of the best  in the world Cuban cigars.

Did you know that if you were to buy a box of Cuban cigars in Cuba and bring them back to Canada you are tax exempt and the price you pay in Cuba is the price you pay. This applies up to 50 cigars per person.

Just to give you an idea, let’s say you were to buy a box of Cuban. 10 H.Uppman Magnum 54. If you were to buy these in Cuba the price would be $10.90 each. Now this price for one cigar,  is in CUC same exchange as a USD so add 25 percent for our exchange from Canadian dollar and our cost would be $13.62 for 1 cigar.

Head down to your local cigar shop and you will find this same H.Uppmann Magnum 54 for about $26.60 – $29.90. That’s right almost 100% mark up.

Why you ask, well our amazing and outstanding government say that our cigars are considered a luxury, slap a luxury tax on the cigars as once they imported into Canada. Which is now pasted down to you guessed it, the consumer.


We suggest you sample a few cigars while down south and find a couple brands that you enjoy. Pick up your 50 cigars maybe a few boxes and save yourself a bundle. Ensure you have a humidor upon arriving back home. Your new cigars will need to be stored properly once you bring them back.

If you have a friend heading down to Cuba it would be worth while to decide which cigars you really like and hand over some money and a list to your non-cigar smoking friend and have them bring back some for you on their return. Please ensure you provide a long list as not all of your list will be available. I know this from experience. Provide a long list say 10 different types, this way you will have something on your list when they return.