Creating that special space for your Cigars!

Cigar Humidor

Creating that special space for your Cigars

Creating that special space in your home or office allows you to set the mood for the things that you love.

When you create that personal space, you are creating a gateway of tranquility relaxation and showing homage do the things you love.

Our humidors are manufactured using strict standardized procedures, that ensure quality is built within. From the hidden quadrant hinges to the swoosh of our lid closing on the body which indicate impeccable quality cigar humidor’s.

Did you know, each & every piece of wood that is used is carefully selected by hand?

This ensures a beautiful showpiece that enhances that special space one creates in their home in office for any cigar collection.

The Spanish Cedar used inside is sourced form the highest grade available.

This is important because this key component ensures exceptional moisture retaining abilities inside your humidor.

Allowing your cigars to be resting in the ideal environment & perfect relative humidity.

This cultivates a great experience every time you pull a cigar from our humidors.

Grab a cigar

After creating our intricate designs by hand, we finish them off with several coats of lacquer which are sanded between each coat providing a piano finish.

Furthermore, over the years we constantly improve.

Adding key components like Spanish Cedar air flow racks, digital hygrometers.

All standard components that aid in emulating the tropical paradise in which most cigars are fermented, curated, and hand rolled.

Cigar Storage Proud To Display

Your Cigar Star humidor is not just a humidor it is an extension of one’s personality & style that provides you a haven for cigar storage.

20 years of experience designing creating masterpieces that enhanced that special space you set up to display the hobby you have grown to love and enjoy.

The relentless pursuit of perfection never ends.

Always improving to provide you with the highest quality humidors in the world. Were luxury and practicality come together.