Boveda inside your cigar humidor.

Why should I use Boveda inside your cigar humidor?

First off Boveda is the global leader in two-way humidification. Secondly, they have revolutionized the relative humidity game like nobody else with their patented proprietary 2-way humidity membrane and packet.

boveda butler




How does Boveda work? Simple chemistry and salt. They are proprietary to a membrane and the chemistry of salt and solution allow for humidity to stabilize at a certain humidity level wit

h the amount of salt that they use in each packet.

Hence if you use a 72% Boveda pack chances are there is a little bit less salt then say a 69% Pack or a 62% pack.

Can you use Boveda with any other humidification?

Cigar Star says yes!  Boveda says no?

Through years of experience and testing, we have discovered and encourage our customers to use our crystal bead transparent cigar humidifiers inside their cigar humidor which adds humidity and moisture inside your humidor.


Remember Boveda is a two-way humidification pack. Therefore, this means that Boveda packs will absorb any excess humidity inside your humidor and only emits humidity when it drops below the pack’s specifications.

Imagine this, you place a cup of water inside a container with a Boveda pack. The pack will probably last well over a year because it has the ability to absorb the humidity / water that the cup of water is emitting through evaporation.

Did you know, the same theory goes with your cigar humidor if you add one of our crystal bead humidification humidifiers inside your cigar humidor along with humidity packs you get long lasting precise relative humidity.

Therefore, the packs will not have to work as hard maintaining the desired humidity. On the other hand, by having the added humidity you’re two-way humidity pack will last longer. This means you’ll save money in replacing your Boveda packs over the long run, all while keeping the precise humidity that you desire inside your cigar humidor.

320 Gram Boveda 69%

Can you recharge Boveda packs?

We’ve also experimented with recharging Boveda packs and found that you lose the precision of the pack after being recharged.

There are many videos on YouTube that show you how to recharge a Boveda back and they have worked by wrapping in a wet paper towel or submerging in a bowl of water for a few days.

Keep in mind, again you lose the precision of obtaining the precise RH and ability too keep the precise desired humidity level indicated on the packet whether it be 62% 69% or 72%.

In closing, we recommend Boveda inside your cigar humidor as a secondary humidification device. You can not go wrong with adding these amazing products inside your cigar humidor.