Humidor for Cigars

Are you looking for a humidor for cigars? Need to keep those cigars fresh that you brought back from holidays?

Well friends you have surely landed on the right page. Did you know that Cigar Star was founded in 2001? We have been designing and manufacturing cigar humidor since then.

Therefor you know after all these years in business that we must be doing something right. Creating unique hand-crafted cigar humidors.

Let me tell you why our humidors are simply the best humidors in our price point.

classic humidor

Not spending a great deal on marketing and fancy packaging save costs, which we hand right back to you.

Must of our customers are from word of mouth. Being in business for over a decade, word gets out that you will receive a beautiful handcrafted piece that will keep your cigars at their peak, all year long.


Our standards with our humidors set us apart from cigar humidors.

  • Spanish cedar air flow grate on the bottom for even air flow to all cigars.
  • Crystal bead humidifiers, for hassle free humidity control.
  • Top of the line Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar inside all our humidors.
  • Air tight seals, all tested prior to sending out, for peace of mind.
  • 30-day unconditional return policy. As we are sure that you will be happy with what you receive.
  • 1-5-year manufacture warranty!

Limited Edition humidors will allow you to keep your cigars fresh while storing them in a master piece in your home or office. Unique with exotic woods, high gloss finish, locks and keys.  You will not find Cigar Star humidors on every website, because we design and manufacture our humidors.

Chava Blue Humidor