Precision Draw Tool

What is the Precision Draw Tool / Perfect Draw Tool and how can it benefit your cigars?
Many of us have experienced a plugged-up cigar that just will not pull or draw properly.
Why does the cigar not pull or draw properly? This is easy to answer. First, like any handcrafted item you may encounter minor flaws, or a step missed or an oversight in the manufacturing process.

Perfect draw cigar tool

This is true even with cigars that are hand rolled. There could be a large vein in the tobacco leaf, or the filler could be too bunched up or plugged.

Therefore, it’s always important before you light your cigar that once you’ve cut the cap, you should pull on the cigar prior to lighting it.

Why? This will tell you how good of a draw your cigar is going to have once you add the flame to the foot of the cigar.

Now, if you pull on the cigar after it has been cut and find it very hard to pull air through the cigar, chances are it is either rolled too tight or plugged from a large vain in some tobacco leaves. Over humidified cigar can cause the same effect.
Honestly it could be several reasons why…. this is where the perfect draw tool comes into play.

What is the Precision Draw Tool / Perfect Draw Tool and how can it benefit your cigars?

After you’ve cut your cigar and you take a dry pull on that cigar, and you find that it’s hard to get air to pass through the cigar to your mouth you know that this is a perfect opportunity to use a perfect draw tool.
Simply insert the perfect draw tool where you cut the cap of the cigar and slowly work your way down the center of the cigar pushing in about 1/2 inch and pulling it out repeating that process.
Continue this process until you get the entire perfect draw tool all the way inside the center of the cigar.

perfect draw cigar tool

Furthermore,  clearing any excess tobacco that has been rolled too tight to ensure even airflow through the center of the cigar which will provide and even burn. Secondly it will allow for more smoke to reach your pallet which enhances the flavor and enjoyment of the cigar.

Save Your Cigars!

Too many cigars end up in the ashtray early due to a poor draw or a tight draw of a cigar.

We’ve all been there you buy a premium $20 forty dollars $60 cigar only to have to put it in the ashtray after the second third because it does not draw properly.

Our precision draw tool unplugs any cigar so you can smoke it right down to the nub.

The precision draw tool or the perfect draw tool ensures that never again will you discard a premium cigar.

Cigar Star perfect draw tool has five serrated edges on each side.  Equaling 10 total serrated edges which extract the ideal amount of excess tobacco leaf inside your cigar.

Perfect draw cigar tool

Giving you just the right amount of airflow for maximum flavor and enjoyment.
Our perfect draw tool comes with a lifetime warranty.

You will enjoy this tool for the rest of your life we guarantee you this.

Its heavy-duty stainless-steel Shank allows for firm penetration. Made from the most durable stainless steel for balance and weight.

Ensures that you’ll have this for rest of your life.


Don’t ever toss another cigar early because of a poor or tight draw. This tool is by far the best most innovative cigar accessory that will save your cigars.
Fits perfectly inside any cigar case, Leather Aficionados case or hard travel humidor.
Stay Smokey Friends!