Season your cigar humidor in Spring?

150 Cigar Humidor Crystal Humidifier

Having trouble keeping up the humidity level in your cigar humidor? Cigars should be stored at room temperature (about 70F degrees) with a humidity level of 65 to 72 percent.

Sometimes, it is difficult to maintain a constant level of humidity inside your cigar humidor, especially when seasons change. Here in Ontario Canada the humidity level inside your house, as well as other conditions, will affect the performance and operation of your humidor’s humidification system.

Humidor humidifiers

If you are using your standard sponge humidifier, we suggest that you change that out with the upgraded crystals also known as humidity beads.

Crystals are far superior for humidors at a cost of only $5 a bag.

These crystals will help maintain your desired humidity level inside your cigar humidor. They will also take the guess work out of when you should re-charge your humidifier as when they dry up they become hard and you know it time. Check out the video below.