Aged or moldy cigars? How do you know? This box of cigars has been sitting in a  Humidor since 2010. My question to you is what do we do with this box of Montecristo Open Eagles?

1. Scream mold and toss them?

2. Tell some story about this being some sort of good thing that shows that the cigars are… aging perfectly?

3. Leave them alone and fire up when ready?

This photo shows a severe case of mold.

Bloom or Plume (same meaning) is a cigar term that describes crystallization due to the rising of tobacco oils from within the cigar to the surface. The air will then dry the excretion creating the crystallized or dusty appearance. Bloom / Plume can appear slightly different on various cigars because every manufacturer will use a different wrapper leaf, filler, curing process.
This is why we place our focus on quality on every humidor we make. Cigar Star humidor will age your cigars perfectly for years.