Ever Use a V Cut Cigar Cutter? Why Should You?

V Cut cigar cutters

V-Cut Cigar Cutters

Have you ever used v cut cigar cutters, also known as a wedge cut cutter?

wedge cut cigar cutter

These style of cutter’s seem to have grown in popularity with its unique way of maintaining the cap.

The ease of creating and elegant hassle free draw, the new wedge cut for your cigar seems to be a favorite among many cigar lovers.


What are the benefits of cutting your cigar using a V cut cigar cutter?

First off, they take all the guesswork from cutting your cigar too much to too little.


You simply place your cigar in the bowl of the cutter and press down. This gives your cigar essentially a perfect cut every time.

Secondly, it provides enough of a cut that allows you to draw evenly on the cigar.
All while keeping half of the cap of this cigar intact while providing a deep enough cut, which provides ample amount of pulling power from the cigar itself.

Here at Cigar Star releasing  two styles of V cut.

One is a simple wedge cut design that cut’s deep into the cap of the cigar using your thumb and your index finger. Made from stainless steel.

Our more elaborate spring-loaded cutter was deigned with great balance in weight and provides excellent ergonomic one-handed use.

You simply press the button the stainless steel blade springs open place your cigar’s cap in the bowl and swiftly press down the blade will lock into place and provide your cigar with the perfect wedge cut.

V cut cigar cutter








On top of that we built an 8 millimeter cigar punch which unscrews on the bottom of this unique and highly popular style of cutter.

V cut with punch







Finally,  you have the best of both worlds and two styles of cutting in one cigar cutter.
We carry an array of cigar cutters.

From straight cut single guillotine, double guillotine ,V cutter to a punch cutter.

No matter what your preferences on how you prefer to cut your stick.

Cigar Star Has you covered.