Perfect Draw Cigar Tool

Have you ever had a cigar that you’ve curated, stored properly and decided it’s time to enjoy, only to find that it’s plugged or has a poor draw?

I think every cigar smoker has encountered this problem with a poor draw.

There is nothing worse then having to discard one of your favorite cigars because the draw was so poor that you couldn’t pull on the cigar and get the proper amount of smoke.

Cigar Star has the solution, our precision draw enhancing tool has 10 serrated edges that will unplug any cigar to provide you with an even perfect draw or cigar.

perfect draw cigar tool

Do you know what causes a poor draw in a cigar?

There are many reasons why your cigar does not pull or draw properly. Causes include, to tightly rolled is the most common. A vein in the tobacco leaves.


To much moisture in the cigar, there are many variables that produce a cigar that will not draw properly.

Now the good news, with our precision draw tool you can now unplug every cigar and you will never ever be in that same old let’s toss this cigar because of a poor draw.

Our Perfect Draw cigar tool is made of the highest quality stainless steel quality in design.

Our lifetime guarantee ensures that this one-time investment will be with you forever.

Simply insert the cigar Shank in the cap of the cigar about an inch.

Then slowly pull out while turning the tool in clockwise motion to remove excess leaf from your cigar.

perfect draw cigar tool

Continue down the entire cigar 1 inch at a time.

Making your way to the foot of the cigar. Remember after each inch in pull the tool out removing tobacco to unplug your cigars.

Easily carried inside one of our Full-grain leather cigar cases.

I think all of us have had that cigar you wish would never end.

Now you can poke the cap with this tool and draw directly on the cigar without burning your fingers.

Our precision draw tool allows you the perfect draw tool to enhance your cigar smoking experience.

Overtime you will agree this is the best cigar accessory you have added to your arsenal of cigar accessories.