what is the best cigar humidor humidifier on the market?

Electronic humidifier Cigar Oasis 3.0 :

With so many options it is hard sometimes too figure out what the best option is for maintaining accurate relative humidity for cigars.
This year we reignited our relationship with Cigar Oasis.
Did you know that you can set any  Cigar Oasis 3.0 to any desired humidity level that you desire for your cigars?

cigar oasis Ultra

It is the truth! I personally smoke mostly Cuban cigars and I like my humidity around 63%.

Why? I find that 63% -65% for Cuban cigars is the ideal relative humidity to get an even burn, great flavor and sweet aroma from my cigars.

For this instance, using an electronic humidification system or an electronic humidifier seems to work the best.

Just set 64% relative humidity on the digital display and once it drops below the 64% the electronic humidifier kicks on.

With its fan emitting humidity throughout the entire humidor. On top of that attribute with electronic humidification is the airflow factor. When the fan kicks on it permits air to flow inside a closed unit. That is extremely helpful to your cigars.

Did you know Boveda is a two-way humidification system?

They are a two-way humidification Packet that you place inside of your humidor and it will regulate the humidity plus or minus 2 to 3%.

Depending on which humidity level you choose there are several options 65%, 69%, 72%, 75%. All these readings will be plus or minus 2 to 3% in the humidity level inside your humidor.

How does Boveda work?

Simple chemistry salt water with a breathable membrane.Simple chemistry salt water with a breathable membrane.

Boveda 69

This means if your relative humidity raises above the desired humidity level it will actually absorb the excess humidity.



When it drops below the desired humidity level it will emit humidity into your humidor it’s quite an amazing product .

You will see that we have partnered with Boveda in a couple of our humidors. Cigar Star is confident in their product inside our limited-edition humidors.

Only downfall?   Boveda packets last only a couple months and need to be replaced once they are dried up. It is an investment, although so are your cigars.

Passive Humidifiers

Wouldn’t you think after manufacturing cigar humidors for 20 years we have the solution?

This is why we created our polymer crystal Cigar Star transparent cigar humidifiers. After two decades of manufacturing cigar humidors, we feel these units work exceptionally well.

Furthermore, the transparent body let you know once the crystals have emitted the humidity inside your humidor as they get smaller.

First off, adding distilled water, allowing them to sit to re-hydrate before placing back into your humidor makes it simple. Secondly,  cost effective and extremely reliable. Not to mention highly effective. Allowing for proper 70% relative humidity inside for any cigar humidor.
humidor humidifers

Did you know that you can use any combination of these humidifiers together? True!

First off, if you like to know that you have a two-way humidifier such as Boveda.

When used with our polymer crystal humidifier means, your Boveda pack does not work that hard, secondly will last much longer.