How To Get Optimal RH inside your humidor

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How To Get Optimal RH inside your humidor?

Have you ever had issues maintaining a solid relative humidity inside your cigar humidor?

You may find yourself in this situation where your relative humidity fluctuates. This can be caused by many variables. Most common variable is a poor seal.

Firstly, A poor seal loses humidity very quickly and will not maintain any level of humidity for exceptionally long. It will drop until the 50’s. This is a good way to know that you have a poor seal on your humidor.

Second reason, weather change. The summer months the humidity levels are much higher therefore you might find your humidor is much easier to maintain at the ideal humidity level that you desire.

Once winter comes, especially here in Canada or northern states in the US the humidity level drops dramatically this will cause fluctuations in the relative humidity inside your humidor.

Another reason your humidity may fluctuate is that your humidifier needs to be recharged or refilled with distilled water.


Did you know that the more cigars you have inside of a wood humidor the easier it is to maintain relative humidity inside your humidor?

It is true, cigars themselves act like a humidifier. Furthermore, each cigar will retain 1.5 grams of humidity inside the cigar.

This enables the cigars to age and rest in the perfect environment. Therefore, if you have 50 cigars inside your humidor it is much easier to maintain the desired relative humidity inside that humidor.

Whereas if you had five cigars inside your humidor your humidifier must work overtime in maintaining the proper relative humidity.

All wooden humidor’s do not have a complete airtight seal.  Unlike a Pelican case or an airtight jar.

This means that there are small air leaks within all wood humidors. Now with our Cigar Star humidors having some of the best seals in the market we obtain this by precise craftsmanship from the lid of the humidor to the body of the humidor.

Giving it a nice vacuum seal when closing.

How to test your seal?

black cigar humidor with digital hygrometer

When you drop the lid onto the body you will hear a nice whoosh sound this ensures that your humidor has a nice tight seal.

The benefits of using a wood humidor are that Spanish cedar as a natural moisture retaining wood this also aids in keeping the relative humidity inside your humidor stable.



Use one of our crystal humidifiers, the crystals slowly releases moisture inside your humidor.

cigar size humidifier


Add 1-2 60-gram Boveda pack as this packet is a two-way humidification pack that will keep your humidity at the precise level you desire. These packs are available in 65, 69, 72%.

Ideally you want to keep as many cigars as possible inside the humidor.

This will ensure that it maintains the desired relative humidity that you desire.

Lastly you want to ensure your hygrometer is not giving you a false reading.

You can test your hygrometer by placing it inside a bag with a Boveda pack and let it sit for several hours.