How to Bring Back Dried Cigars?

Did you know that you can smoke a dried out cigar? Although it will change the taste and flavor profile of that cigar?

It’s true when a cigar has lost the ability to stay fresh it will drastically change the profile of flavor.

Not only that but the cigar will burn hotter faster and produce an unfavorable flavor profile.

Cigars that are completely dried out, suggest that you slowly introduce the proper humidity to bring those cigars back to the way cigars are intended to be enjoyed.

We will give you step by step instructions on how to bring a dried cigar back to a flavorful humidified state is just a few moments.

Did you know each cigar will hold 1.5 grams of humidity in the actual cigar, this allows the filler, binder and wrapper to marry together creating the wonderful flavors and aromas premium cigars are known for.

Storing more cigars inside your humidor will also help maintain a steady level of relative humidity inside the humidor because the cigar acts as a natural humidifier holding 1.5 grams of humidity inside the actual cigar.

Now to bring back dried cigars.

There are many methods on how to bring back a dried cigar by slowly introducing humidity.

DO NOT, introduce dry cigars to a high humidity level you run the risk of the cigars absorbing too much humidity which could crack the wrapper and have a horrible outcome to the dry cigars. Such as, swelling and splitting.

Which renders the cigar useless.

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First you want to get a humidity pack of 62% and place inside with the dry cigars in a closed container whether it be a humidor a Tupperware dish or zip lock bag, place the 62% for about a week to 10 days with the dry cigars.

Secondly, you will need a 65% humidity pack remove the 62% pack and include the 65% pack and repeat this process for one week to 10 days.

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Third, remove the 65% humidity pack and replace it with a 69% humidity pack and allow to sit for on week.

Boveda 69






Forth, Remove the 69% humidity pack and replace it with a 72% humidity pack.

Skip this last step if you prefer less relative humidity of your cigars 69 and 72 in that range is perfect for premium cigars.

Once you get the relative humidity up to 69 or 72% your cigars are now resting in the right relative humidity and will smoke and taste much better than a dried cigar.

This method allows you to slowly take a dried out cigar and introduces humidity slowly to the cigar.

The cigar will not burn quickly or too hot.

Smoking a dry out cigar is possible although highly not recommended.

Storing cigars at the proper relative humidity throughout the life of the cigar will allow the cigars to become more flavorful and enjoyable .